How to Get Disclosure for Criminal Charges in Edmonton

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What is Disclosure?

Disclosure is all the evidence the Crown prosecutor is using to make their case against you.  The Crown is required to provide all information that is relevant while determining your guilt/innocence.

Why do I want Disclosure?

Knowing what the Crown prosecutor knows makes it easier to defend yourself and understand the charges against you.  The disclosure package contains a lot of important information that will make it easier to discuss your case with Duty Counsel or a lawyer.

It is your constitutional right to receive disclosure.  It will help you in creating a defense in response to what the Crown may see.


What information comes in Disclosure?

Any of the following which is available:



  • The information and indictment
  • A summary of the offense
  • Statements (That are made orally, notes summarizing or recoding an oral statement, a formal report or written statement, an audio taped recording, a videotaped recording)
  • Transcript of an audio taped or videotaped recording
  • Criminal Records
  • Any relevant scientific documents
  • Relevant evidence, documentary evidence or seized goods
  • Relevant search warrants and documents
  • Relevant authorization(s) to intercept communications
  • Witness Benefits

How can I get Disclosure?

You can make a request to the Crown prosecutor’s office to find out what evidence there is about your charge.  In Edmonton you are required to fill out a form which will ask for:

  • Name
  • Date of request
  • Docket number - These can be found in two places:
  1. On the ‘Docket List’ outside the courtroom in which the charges faced are being considered.  The numbers are on the far left under the heading “File/TK No”.  The numbers are those to the left of the P, Y or Q and the letter.
  2. On the copy of the information that can be ordered at no cost (for the first copy) from the Provincial Court Clerks Office - Criminal or Youth, both which are located on the main floor of the Edmonton Courthouse.  The number is located on the top right-hand corner of the Information beside the heading “File No”
  • Name of Lawyer/Law firm OR a contact number if you are self-represented.


The form can be downlaoded here.


Once this form is completed it can be dropped at the Crown prosecutor’s office in the courthouse:
Brownlee Building
10365 97th Street
Edmonton, AB

Or submitted via email to <> or by fax to 780-422-9756.  This needs to be done between 8:15-12:00 and 1:00-4:00 Monday - Friday, except for holiday’s. 

Disclosure packages are usually ready within 7-10 days so you will have to go back to Brownlee to check.  They will not call you to tell you the package is ready.

You will need photo identification when you go to pick up the disclosure package.  Someone else may pick it up for you if they have a letter of authority signed by you.