About the Legal Education & Reform Project

The Legal Education & Reform Project has been the backbone of Student Legal Services of Edmonton since its beginnings in 1969.  Its mandate is to provide legal information to the general public in a way that makes the legal system more accessible and serves the needs of the low income community in a holistic manner.


The Legal Education & Reform Project has three main areas of focus:


  • Community Outreaches:  Outreaches throughout the City of Edmonton are a central aspect of the Legal Education & Reform Project. They allow us to meet people where they are at - at community centres, cooperatives and gathering places where they feel welcomed and safe.  


  • Legal Reform:  Legal Reform focuses on areas of law that can be changed, adapted or created in order to protect the rights of the underprivileged.  Our role is to research municipal bylaws, provincial statutes and even federal legislation, and to actively advocate for changes where there are laws that are unfair or unjust.
  • Legal Education:  Legal Education is concerned with informing the public about specific areas of law, the general functions of the judicial system and how to navigate and understand our legal system.  We provide legal education through lectures, workshops and mock trials.


The Legal Education & Reform Project has over 50 volunteers who participate in all of the Project's various forms.  If you would like to set up an outreach, have an area of law that you would like analyzed, or would like to book a lecture or mock trial, please contact us.


All lectures and materials are approved by our advising lawyers.