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The Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) project is a division of Student Legal Services, and a chapter of Pro Bono Students Canada. All PBSC volunteers are law students at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Law. 


As law students, PBSC volunteers are unable to provide legal advice, only legal information. As a general rule, we can research legal issues that are relevant to an organization or the population they assist. We can produce reports of law, policies, and procedures. However, we cannot draft legal documents or help you make any legal decisions. That work would have to be done by a practicing lawyer.  


PBSC volunteers may be able to assist your organization with a short-term research project. The PBSC Coordinator can discuss project ideas with you and help you find something appropriate for student colunteers. Some examples of past projects include:

  • A research project on dangerous offender legislation in Canada and other jurisdictions, considering the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches;
  • An information sheet for self-represented litigants on the new rules of court; and
  • A report on obtaining charitable status and the implications of doing so.


To be eligible for the services of PBSC, an organization must be (a) a non-profit organization, (b) substantially serving, directly or indirectly, the local low-income comunity, and (c) unable to afford the assistance of a lawyer.


If your organization would like to propose a project with our chapter of Pro Bono Students Canada, please contact the PBSC Coordinator. They can be reached by phone at 780.492.8287, or by email at


You can also read and complete the forms below, and mail completed Project Description and Organization Agreement forms to the PBSC Coordinator at:


Attn: PBSC Coordinator

Student Legal Services / Pro Bono Students Canada

11011 88th Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB

T6G 0Z3



Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee the assistance of Student Legal Services or PBSC volunteers.


Reference Guide for Organizations

Organization Agreement Form

Project Description Form