Information for Advising Lawyers

Why volunteer with the Pro Bono Students Canada Project at Student Legal Services?

Volunteering as an advising lawyer allows for an opportunity to:

  • Give back to the community
  • Mentor a law student
  • Network with non-profit organizations
  • Learn or explore legal issues in new contexts

What are the responsibilities involved in supervising a project?
The responsibilities involved in supervising a project are not onerous. They include:

  • Maintain insurance as a practising lawyer
  • Communicating with students via email, phone or occasionally meeting face-to-face
  • Ensuring that the student's legal information is correct
  • Reviewing, editing and signing off on the project before it is submitted to the organization

We encourage you to assist the PBSC Project as a supervising lawyer. Our Project endeavours to provide students and lawyers alike with interesting and meaningful volunteer work in Edmonton's low-income and vulnerable communities. As a volunteer lawyer supervisor, you will assist us in providing legal services to individuals and organizations otherwise unable to obtain legal counsel.


For alumni of the University and of Student Legal Services, volunteering in the PBSC Project is a opportunity to advance the mission of SLS, and to continue as part of one of Edmonton's oldest access to justice organizations.


Supervising as part of the PBSC Project also provides the opportunity to share and develop your own expertise. In addition to the research you assist student volunteers with you may, depending on the particulars of your project, be able to claim time spent supervising as part of your Continuing Professional Development.



If you would like to assist the PBSC Project as a supervising lawyer for short-term research or advocacy projects, or as a Civil Claims Duty Counsel volunteer, please contact the PBSC Coordinator at 780.492.8287.