About the Family Law Project

The Family Law Project provides basic legal information on the following topics:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Parenting TIme
  • Child and Spousal Support (also referred to as "maintenance")
  • Matrimonial property
  • Adult interdependent partnerships (often referred to as "common-law relationships")
  • Where to go if you need more in-depth information or help


In addition, the Family Law Project assists people in obtaining uncomplicated child support orders and variations, as well as related applications. A volunteer from the Family Law Project may be able to assist you in court if you meet our eligibility criteria. Please call to determine whether we can help you with your issue.


The Family Law Project also provides a monthly Do-Your-Own-Divorce Clinic. Please call to obtain more information and to determine whether we can help you with your divorce.


This website has basic legal information on a number of family law-related topics. Please see the links to the left for a list of topics. We also provide family law information over the phone.


The Family Law Project has been a part of Student Legal Services since 1969, and has helped thousands of people in the Edmonton area. The project has recently moved but is still located on the University of Alberta campus at 11036 88 Avenue.


Law student caseworkers can act as agents for individuals in provincial court on uncomplicated child support matters.


Our volunteers also provide free legal information over the phone at various times during the week. Please call to determine when the Family Law Project is able to help you with your legal issue.


All of our caseworkers act under the supervision of our advising lawyers.


Over 75 law students volunteer with the Family Law Project every year.


If you have been charged with an offence under the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act please contact the Criminal Law Project.


If you need information on family law topics see the information available on our website.


You can also find family law information on www.legalave.ca. LegalAve is a free website that brings together legal resources from different organizations in Alberta to help people dealing with family law issues. This includes information about separation and divorce, child support, custody, guardianship, parenting time, partner/spousal support, property division, family violence, and more.